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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

It is an unfortunate reality that our elderly are subjected to abuse and neglect. It is particularly distressing to discover that your loved one has been subjected to abusive and negligent treatment by staff at nursing homes entrusted to care for and nurture the elderly. Nursing homes have a responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of care for their residents. Too often nursing homes are under-staffed, staff are improperly trained, improperly supervised, negligent in their duties and simply do not provide adequate care to their residents. When the right of residents of nursing homes to be treated with dignity and respect is violated and the elderly become victims of physical, psychological, or emotional abuse and neglect, they may be entitled to sue.

The elderly do not recover well from even a simple fall permitted to occur due to lack of assistance and lack of supervision. Complications associated with falls, including hip fractures and head injuries, are amongst the leading causes of death in the elderly population. Nursing homes’ responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of care for their residents includes having procedures in place for resident safety and active reduction of the risk of falls and related injuries.

The attorneys at O’Hare Parnagian LLP are dedicated to bringing to justice those responsible for negligent and deliberately abusive conduct of nursing home residents. If you or your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect in New York, speak to the attorneys at O’Hare Parnagian LLP. The experience of the New York nursing home attorneys at O’Hare Parnagian LLP will provide you with the very best in dedicated and personalized legal representation. We know injuries to your loved one, or a devastating wrongful death are traumatic and stressful and we are here to help you. Meet with us and you will come to know our aggressive yet compassionate attorneys, skilled in discussing difficult and sensitive matters with victims, children and families.

No matter the severity or the type of injury, the experienced attorneys at O’Hare Parnagian LLP have seen and dealt with almost everything. We will thoroughly investigate yours or your loved ones’ claims of negligent treatment by nursing homes and their staff, identify the negligent parties, pursue your case vigorously, build the strongest case possible and achieve the best possible outcome in your case while holding all responsible parties accountable. We will help restore the dignity to the elderly while obtaining maximum financial recovery for their injuries in relation to these and any other types of claims:

  • Bed sores aka pressure sores caused by failure to turn patients regularly
  • Ulcers allowed to progress due to fail to meet standard of care
  • Broken bones due to lack of aid or lack of supervision
  • Weight loss due to malnutrition or lack of supervision
  • Extreme thirst, or dehydration
  • Unexplained bruises or welts
  • Medication errors
  • Negligent treatment
  • Wandering
  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Assault, including sexual assault

Because the law limits the time in which you can bring a claim, you should contact us immediately to investigate your case. Sometimes filings must be made within 90 days of the injury.

Call us at (212) 425-1401, or contact us online to set up a consultation to discuss your legal options. One of our attorneys will respond to you within 24 hours.

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