Sexual Abuse

Property owners and occupiers, including New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) public housing are required to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition, which can include providing proper lighting, locks, a security system and other safety features. If an owner or occupier fails to provide for the safety of people on their property, and someone is sexually assaulted, the owner or occupier can be found liable for those injuries.

When someone accepts the responsibility of looking after your loved one, such as in a school or nursing home, they are also undertaking to protect that person, by providing reasonable safety from the threat of sexual predators. Institutions and organizations can have a duty to protect the vulnerable and dependent people under their care.

When these duties are neglected and a sexual assault occurs, the victims of assault and their families experience tragedy and suffer lifelong consequences as a result of the negligence of the institution or premises. Victims of sexual assault are entitled to press criminal charges against the perpetrator. They may also be entitled to recover financial damages by bringing a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator or the institution liable for the perpetrator, because they have failed to perform their duty to protect the person under their care.

At O’Hare Parnagian LLP we represent and support victims of sexual assault as they try to heal, regain their lives and see their perpetrator and responsible institutions take accountability for the harm they have inflicted. The attorneys at New York’s O’Hare Parnagian LLP are experienced in representing and helping victims of sexual assault, their families and the families of victims of wrongful death and do so zealously with compassion and sensitivity. We will pursue civil sexual assault claims for financial compensation against all responsible parties including:

  • Organizations
  • Building owners and occupiers
  • Security companies
  • Public authorities such as NYCHA.
  • Nursing homes
  • Day care or Child care, Schools, Colleges
  • Foster homes
  • Religious institutions
  • Youth groups and associations
  • Government institutions

Because the law limits the time in which you can bring a claim, you should contact us immediately to investigate your case. Sometimes filings must be made within 90 days of the injury.

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