School Liability

Schools owe a duty to their students to provide premises that are reasonably safe. To ensure school facilities remain safe, the school is required to inspect and maintain the premises. Schools are also required to deliver a reasonable and effective system of supervision of students which minimizes the risk of students being injured in falls, assaults, accidents and by each other. This applies to students within the school’s area of responsibility regardless of whether the injury is sustained in the playground, classroom, science lab, gym class or hallway, before or after school, during recess or at lunch time.

If your child was injured at a New York school due to the school’s failure to supervise, negligent supervision, bullying or unsafe facilities and equipment, you may be entitled to recover compensation for the pain and suffering, medical expenses and other losses caused as a result of the school’s negligence.

The experience of the New York school liability attorneys at O’Hare Parnagian LLP will provide you with the very best in dedicated and personalized legal representation. We know injuries to your child, or a devastating wrongful death are traumatic and stressful and we are here to help you. Meet with us and you will come to know our aggressive yet compassionate attorneys, skilled in discussing difficult and sensitive matters with victims, parents, children and families. No matter the severity or the type of injury, the experienced attorneys at O’Hare Parnagian LLP have seen and dealt with almost everything. We will thoroughly investigate your claim, identify the negligent parties, bring a lawsuit for the protection of your child’s interests, pursue your case vigorously, build the strongest case possible and achieve the best possible outcome in your case while holding all responsible parties accountable.

Because the law limits the time in which you can bring a claim, you should contact us immediately to investigate your case. Sometimes filings must be made within 90 days of the injury.

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